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Beanie 100% Australian Organic Brussels Sprouts Powder (180g)

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● 100% Australian grown and made certified organic brussels sprouts powder
● Pure concentrated form of the freshest, raw Australian brussels sprouts
● 10g powder ≈ 100g raw brussels sprouts
● Full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and antioxidants
● Vegan, GMO free, gluten free, HACCP certified
● Advanced low temperature dehydration and minimal processing ensures full nutrient retention
● Powdered within 24 hours from the farm
● Add powder to water, smoothies, juices, coffees, soups, baked goods or any of your favourite recipes
● Net weight 180g | 30 days serving | Approx. 3 teaspoons per serving
● Ingredients: Certified organic Australian brussels sprouts (100%)

Brussels Sprouts benefits*:

● Packed with powerful antioxidants. Reduce cell damage.
● High in vitamin K and calcium for healthy bones
● High in Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) for improved heart, lung and kidney function plus a healthy immune and reproductive system
● High in folic acid, which helps to prevent birth defects and helps form DNA
● Cancer fighting and immune boosting properties
● High in dietary fibre to aid digestion

Manufactured in a HACCP certified facility in Australia.

*This product supports good health and wellbeing. It is not intended to treat any disease. The product’s characteristics reflect the natural characteristics of the ingredients.

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